• ?This kit contains 6 of the most commonly used medications for traveling. The medicine inside treat many various ailments including medication for Fever, Pain, Headache, Traveler’s Diarrhea, Nausea, Dizziness, Motion Sickness, Insomnia, Upset Stomach, Heartburn, Allergies (antihistamine), Dehydration.
  • ? First-Aid kit for all of your over the counter medicine needs. Each pack contains enough medication for 7 days which is ideal for any trip or vacation. Perfect for travelers going on vacation, hiking, camping, backpacking, cruises or any other trip.
  • ?‍⚕️Pharmacist recommended – Created by a pharmacist, each box includes a color-coded easy to read dosage guide. Also available online is a pre-filled out Rx prescriber guide for MD for prescription medication – just take to your doctor to sign off.
  • ✈️Conveniently sized, child-resistant and TSA approved box of medication created by a pharmacist with travelers needs in mind. The most commonly needed medications for traveling. No more wasting time in the pharmacy aisles or bringing several big bottles – this medicine kit has it all!

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The first reputable First-Aid kit of over-the-counter medicine, created by your friendly, neighborhood pharmacist. This conveniently sized box contains 73 tablets of 6 different medications that are vital to your travel needs to keep you healthy. 14 tablets of Acetaminophen, 14 tablets of Bismuth Subsalicylate, 8 caplets of Diphenhydramine, 7 tablets of Loperamide, 14 tablets of Meclizine, 14 tablets of Electrolytes. Travel size medicine packs are perfect for traveling on the go. The medication comes in individually wrapped unit dose for easy access while camping, hiking, cruises, road trips, or any other vacation. No need to carry around multiple medicine bottles. Each kit contains just the right amount of travel meds. Perfect size to fit in a suitcase for business travelers. Made in the USA, Packaged in San Diego, California.

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