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All Of Your Common Travel Medications In One Convenient Pack.

Pharmacist Recommended

6 Different Medications

Used to treat pain, fever, headaches, nausea, heartburn, allergies, motion sickness, insomnia, diarrhea, gas, and dehydration.

1 Perfectly Sized Box

Measuring 5.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches tall – our pack will fit in any luggage or carry-on. No more wasting space with several bottles of different medications.

Medication Dosage Guide

Not everybody knows how or when to take their medication. A color coded, easy-to-read dosage guide is printed inside each box. Written by a pharmacist.

Everything in One Place

No more carrying around several big bottles.

Save Money

Save Time

Save Space

FUll Service Travel Pack

Specially Made For The Care Of You & Your Family.

Conveniently sized, child-resistant and TSA approved box of medication created by a pharmacist with travelers needs in mind. No more spending money on several big bottles – this medicine kit has it all!

Save Up To


Compared to buying medicines separately

Free Shipping ON ALL ORDERS

We Put In The Essentials

Each pack contains enough medication for 7 days, which is ideal for any trip or vacation. Perfect for travelers going on vacation, hiking, camping, backpacking, cruises or any other trip.

Pharmacist Approved

Trusted By Pharmacists & Patients Around the Country.

Sold nationwide. The TravelPakRx is Amazon’s Choice for travel medicine. Created by a Pharmacist in San Diego, California. 

“Recently I went on a vacation trip to Barcelona. Luckily with this set up, I didn’t have to think twice. Having a supply to last me a week and covered all my bases for over the counter relief.”

— Mark 

“This pack had everything my daughter needed and the packaging was great. Easy to identify which med was what and was small enough to pack in her carry on.”

— Heather

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